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Japanese Version
Category Victimised consciously in dysfunctional family
Distributed 28th April 2006
Title a wonderful victimised lifeEEEEiJapanese@Versionj
I have written that a person from the Dysfunctional Family want to be recognised as a gvictimh. When they are acknowledged as victims, pleasure is waiting for them.

Moreover if they are recognised as victims, they gain a right to gcause someone to troubleh and a right togbludge someoneh.
And a Victim is not only doing nothing, but also watching people surrounding him to support him. A victim acts as he is a King!

Well. As a victim, he gains a lot of gjoyh?

People tell you gI am sorry for youh . But this relationship built on the fact, if he is recognised as a victim.
People from dysfunctional family do not have communication ability, so it is difficult to expand relationship for him.

However if he is recognised as a victim, he is able to built a sort of relationship with a supportive people. This is advantage, isnft it?

Well, these supportive people are as same as people from dysfunctional family. They canft hold a conversation. And they donft know who they are. Volunteers donft know what they want to do, so they support someone who has a problem, so they can avoid thinking. Volunteers know people accept volunteers because they support and give, so that they never tell the truth and harsh word. They only express their sympathy.

People who avoid thinking about themselves enjoy a moment telling each other gI am sorryh, gOh, you have a hard timeh. So they are grumbling all the time.

What an enjoyable victimised life.
---- it can happen sometime, but it shouldnft be long.

What happens if you are recognised as a victim? It is not help to improve his dignity.
It can be improve if he raises a target which what he wants to do, and what he wants to be and try working hard to reach the target.

Is he worth to be respected from people who tell him sympathy? They have more important thing so do that telling him sympathy.

But people from dysfunctional family donft want to give away the gwonderful victimised lifeh, so they want more recognition as a victim.

Do if he is recognised as a victim, a wonderful life!
He wants to sing!

When I am cuddled,
People tells me you are poor thing,
I can see a wonderful victimised life.
When you tell me sympathy,
I fill something!
Happiness is coming to my heart!

I am being a victim forever.
I have full of happiness ever!
Boredom and loneliness are disappearing!
I am suffocating from happiness