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Category Catalogue of Dysfunctional family in Story
Distributed 1st May 2007
Title Thais
Author Anatole France (was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1921.)
Publication 1890

In this e-mail magazine, I often write the show business is for a person from the Dysfunctional family.

Despite of the fact, the person who is successful in the show business has a keen desire "I want to be approved",
because it had not been approved from his parents.
It's not possible to survive in the show business, if he is come from the "normal" functional family
and he feels secure and he doesn't need to worry about people may not understand him without telling them.

Of course to survive in the show business is not only he is from dysfunctional family
but also he may need to have a good figure.

To be in the show business, he might be gifted to have expression ability which his parents might have as well.
The desire of express himself comes from his parents which is complicated.

Well, how is he who is gifted becoming an entertainer?

This time, I will talk about Novel "Thais": author Anatole France from France. The novel is published in 1890.
Anatole France is a Nobel Prize winner in Literature in 1921.

This work "Thais" does not directory talk about Dysfunctional family.
In 1890 appeared Thais, set in Egypt in the early Christian era,
treating the story of the courtesan Thais and the monk Paphnuce with tolerant irony and scepticism.
Well, Paphnuce made Thais Christian, but he was attracted by Thais's sexual appearance.

Because ancient Egypt is a stage, shall I say "Went for wool and come home shorn" story?

Well, how did Thais become a top star and how has she grown up?
We will see according to the description of this novel.
This indeed suppresses the vital point.

1. The parents work at night ¥¥¥ the parents own a pub.

2. Father's character ¥¥¥ Appearance set up big, obviously frighteningly, and seem calmly.
(From the description of the novel.)

3. Mother's character ¥¥¥she shouts in the shrill and eyes like phosphorus,
is always walking like a starved cat in a house,
she is skinny and really shabby appearance
(From the description of the novel. )

4. The non-interference home ¥¥¥ Greedy mother and lazy father neglect Thais,
who has to hunt food day to day like Fowl in hennery
(From the description of the novel. )

5. A barbarous environment ¥¥¥ as for girl Thais, she woke up drunkardfs fight every evening.
She sometimes saw knife sparked quickly and blood gushed out.
(From the description of the novel. )

6. The child who had the one's ability to earn one's living ¥¥¥ It came to obtain strangeness
that pinch small change between belts of the sailor who was drunk though while she entertained the sailor¥¥
(From the description of the novel. )

7. Beatiful figure¥¥¥ Figure that stands out since childhood. Therefore, the talent scout found her.

8. Person who persevere ¥¥¥ She doesnft give up even its hard time, because she thinks she canft possible rely on anyone.
That is why she could carry on a harsh lesson after the scout too.

9. Emotional ¥¥¥She is emotionally unstable, so a small thing makes her excited

10. Expression ability ¥¥¥ because the desire of express herself is strong, the Expression ability also follows.

11. Love is requested ¥¥¥ Feelings from which love is requested by all means strengthen
because it is without relation every day to the relief.
And, the atmosphere reflects attractively again in surroundings.

12. Fanatic to religion ¥¥¥because she wanted love and internal peace so much; she joined Christianity
which was "Cult" at that time.

13. The idea is extreme ¥¥¥she become crazy about one and another at a short time,
her thought and behaviour are extreme.

She has become a top star because she grew up in such an environment,
and had a moderate talent, a figure, and is determined¥¥¥
all those things are vital point? There are such top stars in Japan too, arenft there?

It is likely to have written a novel giving a mind to the entertainer of the actual actor
who was to be near Anatole France who was the author of the novel.
Even though he was the Nobel Prize writer,
he couldn't have written such a character with the above point without only his imagination.

By the way, the gender of a person who has given Thais a basic lesson is unknown.
"Whether it is a man or a woman" person according to the novel ¥¥¥ probably, vital point around here.

It can be said that Thais found "My whereabouts" in such a spectacle society.
For instance, some people from a Dysfunctional family who join the crime syndicate make trouble around society
and the volunteer group might be also so, as they help to make people weak.
After all, it is practically the same only in a carrot-and-stick difference with the crime syndicate.
However if it is an entertainer, it will be harmless to public if you keep a distance.

Do not live in such an industry though, if it doesn't grow up in such a Dysfunctional family.
If you understand the mentality of a Dysfunctional family,
you understand incidents of the show business. e.g., the stalking, being stalked, the religious problems,
Coming-out of the bullying or parents' troubles: ¥¥¥ there are countless.

In the shadow of a colourful spotlight, there was a drama of such a hardship. When this novel "Thais" was read,
you see the different sight too.
In another words, if you are from a Dysfunctional family, you would be fitted in a show business rather than being "normal".

A little gossip of the show business becomes a material to Study a Dysfunctional family.
I think it is just good as an exercise.

Or, this novel "Thais" is famous as the original of opera "Thais" that is the work of Jules Massenet of the opera composer in France.
More people are familiar with the "Meditation" from Thais than with the opera itself.
Please borrow it at the library and read it if you are interested in. it is not a long too novel, it will be possible to read in a day.
However, the part of the philosophy questions and answers in the middle part can be omitted.
There must be "Meditation", if you can't find all tunes from the opera all tunes in the library.
Please listen it if you are interested in.

A basic theme of this work however is problem of Paphnuce who was attracted by Thais's sexual appearance,
even though he successfully made Thais Christian.
Because Paphnuce is a superior of a monastery, he is knowledgeable and faithful to Christianity.
However, he doesn't recognize own "Weakness" in a true meaning.

Therefore, he said that "Let's go to help Thais", even though he obtained the peace in the mind in the monastery.
If it is asked to help by the person, it hais only to be done.
Man who starts to say "I want to help", even though he is not asked has fallen into the crime of arrogance.
"Weakness" is not understood that much.

By the way, it becomes two duets (the Thais and Paphnuce) in the opera at the end.
Thais summoned to the heaven is sung out in a loud voice, saying that "I am possible to go to the heaven, thanks to you".
However, Paphnuce cried, "Having said to you is all lie. The god doesn't exist. It is only beauty of you that exists. Don't go Thais."
If you do not have a consciousness of own "Weakness", it injures greatly ¥¥¥ Oh dear.
Its good point, isnft it?

Translated by Lady in Australia